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Band History


The ensemble was born in June 2016 when an excellent group of musicians was gathered to perform as the backing band for a college's musical theatre showcase in the Surrey hills. The band had so much fun performing this style of jazz they decided to create a group to continue. Miles, Tim and Mark were all there then. Phil & Steve joined as founder members of the SRO, with Gerry & Matt completing the band's current line-up.


The following fine musicians have played at some time with the SRO:

Howard Beagley (trombone), Gerry Berkley (drums), Oli Briant (guitars), Dave Cottrell (drums), Katie Crooks (vocals). Francesca Dowle (vocals), Steve Dummer (reeds/piano), Mark Elvin (tuba/bass), Matt Greaves (Guitar), Anto Lawton (reeds), Phil Paton (reeds), James Pusey (guitars), Pete Roth (guitars), Miles Russell (trumpet/piano), Jim Treweek (piano), James Turner (drums), Tim Wade (trombone) & Accy Yeats (drums).



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