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Pete is a signed artist to MGP Records. He has worked professionally since 1998 in numerous projects from backing a major artists on the television show Hitparade der Volksmusik to playing in the remake of the Christmas song Do They Know it's Christmas for Radio Capitol FM. He plays with different bands all over the country as well as having travelled the world on the P&O cruise ship, Oriana. 

He has performed with such prestigious international artists including Brian Dee, Rosemary Squires, The London Gala Orchestra, Teatro, Maria Friedmann, Nick Meier, Giorgio Serci, Bill Bruford, Tim Sanders, Sam Flynn, Terl Bryant, Steve Bell, Michael Haslam and Chris Walker.

Pete teaches at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, running the MA in Performance for Popular Music, currently the only in the country. He has written the Q&A section for Total Guitar Magazine.

He recently formed his own group with England's top session players Nick Meier, Loren Hignell, Gabor Dornyei, Terl Bryant and Dave Suttle, and has just finished his fourth international tour for MGP records promoting his new album Meridian.

Pete runs the Roth-Academy for advanced guitar tuition.


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