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The Speakeasy Revival Orchestra

Combining the finest jazz musicianship with humour

and a devilish flair, this fantastic Sussex-based ensemble

performs jazz music with energy, finesse, and an extra comedy twist.

A magnificent seven-piece band of experienced professional musicians

who play swing, jazz, and contemporary music, along with original tunes, all in their own inimitable jazz style,

with influences including Spike Jones & his City Slickers, Fletcher Henderson, the Mnozil Brass,

Monty Python's Flying Circus, and the Electro Swing Post Modern Jukebox movement.

On top of that, this exciting show-band can add entertainment in a special way

with a comedy performance which may include hats, puppets, barbershop singing,

balloons and loud bangs. What can go wrong?!







Sadly our bookings have been put on hold for the time being.

We're looking forward to getting out there some time!

We mourn the loss of our wonderful bass player Mark Elvin.



Contact the band via

Miles Russell:

Email: milesrussell

The Band

Gerry Berkley - Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Ladder, Armitage Shanksophone, Toys


Steve Dummer - Clarinet, Saxophones, Piano, Vocals, Melodica, Balloons, Compositions, Arrangements, Toys


Mark Elvin - Tuba, Double Bass, Vocals, Arrangements, Toys


Phil Paton - Clarinet, Saxophones, Recorder, Vocals, Toys


Matt Greaves - Guitars, Banjo, Vocals, Percussion, Toys


Miles Russell - Trumpet, Piano, Flugelhorn, Tenor Horn, Soprano Trombone, Accordion, Vocals, Compositions, Arrangements, Toys


Tim Wade - Trombone, Vocals, Arrangements, Toys


The Band's History


"They have amazing outfits and I love the solos! My hands were sore from clapping SO MUCH!”

C, Chichester

"Great selection of music, loved the presentation. Thoroughly enjoyable evening!"

J.G. Horsham

"I love the dancing"

A.W. Facebook

"Just a quick line to say how fantastic I thought you and all the orchestra were last night. I think you’ve devised a set which is absolutely perfect and shows off all your various skills.  What a talented lot you are - and you seem to be having so much fun, which communicates itself to the audience.  PS - I’ve seen Woody Allen and his group play at The Brighton Centre and they’re not NEARLY as good as you."

V.B. Chichester

"Fabulously entertaining!"

P.T. Facebook

"What an amazing performance tonight guys! You all clearly had a lot of fun on stage which came across brilliantly, I would definitely recommend you to others and come and watch you again, (LOVED all the different 'instruments played - especially the tea cups!)"

S.B. Horsham

"Loved the video and wanted to share it with my grandson."

G.F. Facebook

"Infections, rhythmic, wonderful."

J.R. Facebook

"First time I’ve ever listened to jazz.  Would sit and listen to you everyday, thank you”


"Saved to my faves. Loved it!"

J.J. YouTube

"Everyone enjoyed The Speakeasy Revival Orchestra concert - an entertaining and fun evening!"



"These guys are great!"

A.C. Facebook

"It was a great night and we've had some lovely feedback. Next time I'll bring the kids as I'm sure they'd have loved the gig."

Cuckfield Music Festival 2019

"Wonderful, guys"

A.B. Facebook

"These guys are great! That brought a real smile to my face...thank you!"

G.H. Facebook

"Well done to an amazing performance. I can't wait to see you play again"

J.D. Chichester

"A great evening. We loved it and my 14 year old niece thought you were 'cool'."

K.L. Horsham

"You guys had my toes tapping"

T.H. Facebook

"Utterly sublime and utterly ridiculous!!"

P.P. Uckfield




"just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the band for making our evening such fun and so successful. I have had so many positive comments since from friends on how fantastic the band were. You really helped make the night amazing."

S.D. West Chiltington NYE 2019

"Great entertainment with first class playing from a group of fantastic musicians”


"As a jazz fan you make an excellent band"

P.B. OBE, Horsham Festival

"It was fantastic musically and lots of fun, fast paced and very entertaining"

S.G. Horsham

"It was absolutely incredible to listen to, and really enjoyed the music arranged and written by the band."

N, Horsham

"Splendid on toast! Pip pip!!"

S.D. Facebook

"brilliant video. Made me laugh out loud. Well done guys! Great arrangement too."

B.S. Facebook

"S... (age 6) gives this a 10, and I've been back to watch a fair few times"

S.D. Facebook

"Brilliant take on the songs, played with humour and skill"

A Chichester

"I really liked the interesting instruments & compositions by band members"

E, Horsham

"Brilliant fun!! Love it."

J.T. Facebook

"Thanks for a great night at Horsham! Good to see talented musicians having lots of fun!"

B.L. Horsham

"Excellent upbeat music with humour on top."


"Thank you for a fun entertaining evening. Not just great music but the interaction between you all made me smile & giggle. Will look out for your next performance. Ta!"

L.A. Horsham

" Never seen a trombone played so innovatively."


"Fab foot tapping evening - great performance"

J.G. Horsham

"All the feedback is positive, everyone thought it was a great show"

R.W. Ewhurst

"Really lovely stuff!"

S.L-N. Facebook

"Bunch of lunatics! Loved it, BTW"

A.N. Facebook


The SRO uses Ace Music Stands


Amazing photographers who have contribluted to the site include Mark Dean, Laura Miranda, Gavin Russell & Archie Russell-Weeks


The SRO uses props provided by Propit, a large theatrical prop hire store based near Dunsfold, in Surrey


Our gigs listings are included in Gig-Guide and


The SRO uses Kazoobie KaZobo Kazoos


The SRO has been supported by Warninks Advocaat


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